• We went to a couple of dog shows last weekend. Here's the sire Jussi (Blackleader's Flash-Back) and four siblings; Jalo (Chiccoxen Ice and Fire), Helmi (C. I Love You Fool), Wunjo (C. Is This Love), and Cinna (C. I'm a Dreamer); in the Nordic Winner Show. That's all there is to say about it.

Tommy Tompkins at 20:24 19.12.2005 writes:

I love your web site you have for Jalo. I have a dog named Ben, he is a Flat Coated Retriever and maybe just a little something else. He is active in flyball and agility but mostly fly ball. We live in Lakeland, Fl which is between Orlando and Tampa. We never get snow which is in your photos so often. Ben can be seen on Dogster at this site. www.dogster.com/?166759. I have many more photos of him and I would be happy to share them, my hobby is photography. Merry Christmas Tommy and Ben

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