• Happy Easter!

vikke at 04:38 16.04.2006 writes:

this is FUNNYYY!!!
i love it! absurd! cute! how the hell did you manage to get this pose???

Janna, Assi & Cinna at 09:54 16.04.2006 writes:

Hyvää nimipäivää Jalolle!

anna at 12:50 16.04.2006 writes:

Well, my dear friend Vikke... First, put a scarf on Flippe. Tell Jalo and Flippe to sit and stay still. Second, put the flowers in front of them. And third, stick a bunch of pussy willows in Jalo's mouth. That's SO simple :)

Alu at 16:16 16.04.2006 writes:

If these dogs weren't so absolutely gloriosly gleefully HAPPY in every other picture, you'd have to wonder about circus-dog animal exploitation here! Instead it's just uproariously funny! Very creative, guys ...

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