• Jumping practise.

Janna at 15:51 08.05.2006 writes:

Myökin käytiin pitkästä aikaa lauantaina raunioilla pitämässä lystiä! Tytöt ihan innoissaan. Cinnakin jo rohkeammin menee tutkimaan ja koluamaan paikkoja. Assi tapansa mukaan painoi menemään kun tuulispää! =)

Tommy at 02:37 09.05.2006 writes:

Is this an agility prop ? Do you have some sort of booster table or something on the back side?

ramin at 06:16 09.05.2006 writes:

I guess it could be an agility prop as well, but in this case it's used in obedience and rescue dog training.

We don't have a table behind it and it's built in a way that you can change the height by adding/removing boards. At full height it should be about six feet (1.8 metres), which a flatcoat should be able to jump. We'll see when Jalo gets there...

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