• A real pose for Alu.

Alu at 01:18 10.05.2006 writes:

LAUGHING OUT LOUD ........... you know I've been thinking ... I wonder if you introduced your photos to places like senior centers, maybe retirement homes, places where people live but can't have dogs ... your photos are so good, the dogs are SO happy ... I just can't help but think that they NEED and DESERVE a bigger audience and could truly fulfill a HAPPY SERVICE ... sorry, know I'm 'shouting' but it can't be just me ... let me try something with my suomalainen isa (the a needs two dots, I know ...)

ramin at 20:46 10.05.2006 writes:

So our boys would be virtual therapy dogs. Hmmm... Sounds easier to do than them being live therapy dogs. After all, they are a *bit* excuberant, energetic, happy, and have eternally wagging strong tails.

If you can find a way that the pictures can be used to give enjoyment to others we'd like to know and could maybe help (prints etc.)

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