• Now there are only three of us.

Richard and Jane Moss at 23:12 24.05.2006 writes:

With three dogs does one get left out. We have a Golden Retriever and a Flatcoat and are tempted to have another Flatcoat but are worried about having three and one of them being left out.

Love your website and your dogs, Luka is unique and is a lovely mix of colour and what looks like a lovely temperament.

ramin at 23:47 24.05.2006 writes:

We don't feel that one would be left out at any given time. Of course, so far the age differences have made it all a bit easier.

But having only two trainers and three dogs being trained also means that often two dogs are left to sit and wait patiently while one dog performs. All of this is done without a lead. It's also beneficial when training hunting dogs for work in a pack.

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