• Yesterday was day one of the two-day Joensuu dog show. Flippe did really well since he got a very good score. After a long string of adequates, it tastes especially good. I just got a good. The judge said I'm completely undeveloped.

Alanna at 00:14 28.05.2006 writes:

How interesting that both dog and handler are rated ... hope you'll tell more about the dog judging. My first Finnish 'mother' raised/judged afghans and borzois, there were 20 or so dogs around at any time!

ramin at 00:18 28.05.2006 writes:

You have to remember, that this is *Jalo's* photoblog, documenting his life so all texts are written from his point-of-view. Our comments (as in Anna and me) are editorial in nature (and appear marked as such). ;)

At least that's how we try to remember to write them. Occasionally we may also write it from another dogs point-of-view, then we prefix the caption with the 'speaking' dogs name.

Alanna at 15:22 29.05.2006 writes:

Oops! Maybe that'll help me figure out which one's which in some photos, too! Luka ... he's easy! So sorry to underestimate the handlers! ;-)

anna at 18:21 29.05.2006 writes:

This one is Flippe... The easiest way to figure out which is which is to look at the tail. Flippe's tail is extremely feathered where as Jalo's is lightly feathered :)

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