• The other day we had a meeting of siblings from two households. From the left, Jalo (Chiccoxen Ice and Fire) and his sister Pimu (Chiccoxen Itsy-Bitsy), Blondi (Mei Dan Third Blonde) and her brother Luka (Mei Dan Second Blonde).

Imma + Spikey, Quira, Lenny and Woody at 10:17 29.06.2006 writes:

Such beauties! Wow;-)

vikke at 11:14 29.06.2006 writes:

was the...umm...aqcuiring of identical-kennels a mutually planned thing? or just a strange coincidence? :D
nice picture, btw.

ramin at 11:18 29.06.2006 writes:

It was just a *very* strange coincidence. Remember that we didn't tell anyone that we were getting Luka beforehand.

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