• Luka in his first dog show (unofficial show) yesterday. He was the BIS-2 of the blue group (each dog initially competes in a pair, the better dog gets a red ribbon the other blue, from there they compete in their own groups). He performed like he'd spent all his life in the show ring. Jalo and Cinna were the best in the pair competition (two similar dogs shown as a pair), thank to Janna for handling Jalo during the show.

Janna at 06:44 24.07.2006 writes:

Jeba! =) Voisko päivä enää paremmin alkaa...You know! ;)

Alu at 14:59 24.07.2006 writes:

Luka's looking so (too!) grown-up these days!!

ramin at 16:05 24.07.2006 writes:

Whee! Alu's back. We've missed your comments!

Alu at 14:52 25.07.2006 writes:

Hiya ... vacation, you know, then recovering from vacation, then no power, then recovering from no power, then ... but I'm caught up! The dogs and humans are all looking well!

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