• Luka: Summer isn't over yet. Come join me for a swim. [The weather here hasn't been (human) swimmer friendly lately. -Ed.]

Alu at 04:48 31.07.2006 writes:

Oiiii ... there's the kive koira again! Great shot, Anna, Ramin! (Would you like 102F instead? I think not.)

ramin at 09:09 31.07.2006 writes:

Uh no thanks. (BTW, 102F is 39C for us Europeans.) I'd rather stick to a maximum of the high-80s (in Fahrenheit, about 30C). That would keep the waters warm. Though the end of this week seems to be OK (in the high 70s, or 25C).

Alu at 14:58 01.08.2006 writes:

Only 39C? Such small numbers can't depict the ooze of the 100s. ;-D I remember sunbathing in Helsinki at 16C ... pretty cool!

ramin at 15:00 01.08.2006 writes:

Ah, but we've saved the 100s for the saunas (that's 100C).

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