• Eight seconds later

Alu at 12:52 08.08.2006 writes:

Got it! Too funny!! And he doesn't even look too sandy!

ramin at 12:56 08.08.2006 writes:

That's one of the benefits of the flat coat. It's surprisingly clean, especially compared to how dirty Kassu's coat got. And no, it isn't that you can't see the dirtyness because they're black since Luka's coat behaves the same way.

Even after half an hour in that sand all we need to do is vacuum the car's trunk, they left the excess sand there. With Kassu we used to have piles of sand on the floor wherever he'd been lying for any lentgh of time.

v-j at 09:00 10.08.2006 writes:

hmm...this could actually be an interesting thought for development!

*dog vacuuming!*

yes! any takers?

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