• Jalo preparing to catch

Robin at 21:33 11.08.2006 writes:

Your boys are amazing athletes! How much time do they spend each day exercising and playing? Do they ever get tired? Do they enjoy training as much as they appear to in your photos? And do flatties ever mellow out and slow down?

ramin at 22:29 11.08.2006 writes:

Oh dear... We spend about an hour or so per day out and about with the boys. What we do depends, during the summer heat most work is done somewhere near the water so that they can swim and cool off. But they all love working and especially retrieveing.

Flippe's been known to swim for three hours, jump in the car and fall immediately to sleep. Flatcoats are known to be hard workers and have the stamina to work all day on a long hunting day. So they shouldn't ever get tired. In Lapland we were on 15 km hikes in strenuous country and Flippe and Jalo were still ready to go out after a bit of a rest.

Flippe is only four, so he's just starting to mature as a flatcoat. They're aptly described as the Peter Pans of the dog world so they never really mature (maturing in a flatcoat is thus a relative term ;). The flatcoats that we've seen that have reached the age of ten are still fun of life, happiness, and energy. Unfortunately the breed is often quite shortlived (the average age is 8-9 years) and often flatcoats die with their boots on.

Alu at 01:07 12.08.2006 writes:

Oh what Lady Koira wouldn't do for so much play! BTW I loved this explanation of the breed, the dogs. More! More!! ;-D

ramin at 06:11 12.08.2006 writes:

I guess we'll have to write more on the boys characters and how they differ. Some of the pictures we have in the archives are quite telling of the individual characters as well.

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