• Synchronized diving #1

vikke at 11:15 14.08.2006 writes:

erinomainen hyppykuva! tuohon sopisi vallan mainiosti vauhtiviivat kö tota motionblurrrriii on jo jokseenkin :D
hämmentää ehkä hieman noi "mustan möykyn" takajalkojen kohdalla roiskuvat pisarat. :O

Alu at 19:28 14.08.2006 writes:

I love how man-watches-dog while dog-watches-man, each tuning to the other. And yay ... if this is #1 there will be more!!

anna at 20:23 14.08.2006 writes:

Alu: I think I want to "re-do" this picture. Obviously 1/250 s isn't enough to stop my men when they're jumping to water :)

So, waiting for a sunny and warm day.

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