• Jalo lost his hunting virginity yesterday during the morning hunt. He got four successful retrieves. As a partial answer to Robin's question yesterday: Jalo's training now consists mainly of calming exercises. After all, squashing the game was caused by excess enthusiasm. All kinds of throwing games have been left out and all commands are calmer. Maybe because of that all four birds where return intact to Ramin…

Turi at 10:56 22.08.2006 writes:

Hyvä jalo! you did a good job ofcource under the supervion of Anna and Ramin.

Anne at 15:32 22.08.2006 writes:

Hieno homma, ja tosi hyvä juttu että neuvot taitaa käydä tepsimään!

Janna at 18:39 22.08.2006 writes:

Hyvä, hyvä! Heittelyn vähentäminen tuottaa taatusti Jalolle rauhallisempaa työskentelyä. =)Siitä se lähtee!

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