• When I was staying over at the girls place, I greeted Janna at the door by singing with her pillow in my mouth when she got home from school. I'd also helped by taking her bag of clean sheets from the table and spreading the sheets. While waiting, I'd also cleared her couch of all the excess pillows and such so that there'd be enough space for the both of us…

Lady Koira at 04:35 08.09.2006 writes:

Oh Jalo, you're such a silly silly dog. I'd never do that. I might eat a window though. Or go all the way upstairs and grab a shoe - just one - and bring it back downstairs just to show who's really in charge even if I'm not allowed to eat shoes any more.

Tosca at 16:27 08.09.2006 writes:

Hyvä hyvä... olet ollut reipas poika. Kyllä mammakin on harratanut petivaatteiden järjestelyä kun muut on poissa. Ja kerran olin ovella tulppaanit suussa vastassa kun muut tulivat kotiin koska joku oli jättänyt ne tulppaanit pöydälle maljakkoon ihan yksin.
Pitäähän hoitotäti-Jannalle järjestää jotain tekemistä illaksi.

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