• Some time ago, Flippe found this ladder up in the air. After that, every time we visit the rescue dog training grounds he has to go and climb on it. The only problem is, he hasn't figured out how to get down yet.

Lady Koira at 02:52 13.09.2006 writes:

I want to be a circus dog, too! WOOF!

Tommy at 23:23 13.09.2006 writes:

My dog Ben always goes to the a-frame at our dog club even though we are practicing flyball. It's funny how they see something like that and feel a need to climb it, he also likes stairs at work.

ramin at 00:07 15.09.2006 writes:

Flippe's also got a thing for some stairs at our local fire station. Their made out a metal grille, so they feel weird under his paws and are transparent, so the first few times he was unsure about going up them.

At least Flippe has the habit of trying something he can't get done until he succeeds (all on his own). Then he'll use every opportunity he gets to so us how he can do it.

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