• To Lady Koira: This is what happens to dogs whose paws slip.

Lady Koira at 19:35 14.09.2006 writes:

CRIKEY. I hate it when that happens. PS My Mom says to say I've blown my left hind knee and will have surgery next month. She's going to crate train me (what's that? it sounds scary, will I hate it, suomalaiset koirat?) because after the surgery, I'll have to be confined for 6 - 8 weeks, no walks, no stairs, no slippery floors, no off leash even in the house. And then after I heal one leg, I'll probably have to have the other one done too though maybe with a few months to just be a dog again in between. And I'm not even four! ;-(

ramin at 00:05 15.09.2006 writes:

Poor Lady. Our boys and us humans will be hoping for a speedy recovery.

Luka also sends Lady his greetings that crate training isn't that bad. He used to spend his time at home without humans around in a crate. The upside of it was that sometimes he got a football toy filled with liver casserole (maksalaatikko). That kept him occupied ;)

LadyKoira at 02:58 15.09.2006 writes:

Maksalaatikko. My Mom screws her nose up, remembering that, says there aren't enough puolukka in all of Suomi to cover up THAT smell. But funny you say, she has something JUST LIKE IT in the freezer, little liver squares for dogs, I mean dog, that's ME ME ME. I'll do anything for maksalaatikko. And now that I know she has the recipe, maybe she'll make more for me ME MMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (She says kiitos paljon.)

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