• A joyous reunion

Robin at 02:09 19.09.2006 writes:

Great action picture!
Who is in this picture besides your three lads? I actually counted the number of legs and divided by four to determine that there were 3 dogs in the front cluster.
(And dear Luka appears to be impersonating the T. Rex from "Jurassic Park" in this picture.)

ramin at 06:05 19.09.2006 writes:

It's Jalo, Assi, and Flippe (from left to right) in the front cluster. Cinna's is the background.

And thanks. Since the autofocus on our camera is broken at the moment, this was taken by pre-focusing manually on a spot and hoping to catch the herd at the moment it runs through it. Two shots turned out sharp (this is the better one of the two).

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