• Kassu 9 years and 9 weeks, Flippe 9 weeks

vj at 09:16 25.09.2006 writes:

there they are...the old patriarch and this follower.
hard to imagine flippe ever being that small. i miss the old guy...

ramin at 09:18 25.09.2006 writes:

You're not the only one who misses the old guy.

It's odd how it really seems like Flippe and Luka were never small but with Jalo it still seems like he's a little pup. Of course, Flippe's ego has always been big and Luka just grew up so fast.

LadyKoira at 15:20 26.09.2006 writes:

My Mom says to say that she's GLAD your camera is broken and to tell the camera fixers to take their sweet time fixing it! Such patience, the patriarchal pooch ...

ramin at 01:17 27.09.2006 writes:

I WANT our camera back. Too many missed opportunities for good pictures get annoying.

For example, every day I drive past a pond with five swans in it. At a fairly close distance with good backgrounds and light. Aargh.

But the problem with pictures to post here is that we continuously have a surplus of pictures to put up. Maybe finally getting our photogallery up and running would help with that...

LadyKoira at 01:48 27.09.2006 writes:

My Mom says, Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkay. I have a wonderful memory of, hhm, is it Aland, the island in the middle toward Sweden? Black skies behind, the water dark from the storm, but light from somewhere, a rainbow too, and white swans on the water. (And no black dogs lurking in the reeds ... )

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