• Moving forward in time. Flippe is half a year old in the picture, which makes Kassu nine and a half. The snow-waders.

LadyKoira at 13:10 28.09.2006 writes:

My Mom says: Flippe looks SO worn out from traversing the snow! These old shots are wonderful. Look at the gorgeous winter light, toward spring no doubt. What a difference in the pictures, too, the scans vs the new ones.

ramin at 21:24 28.09.2006 writes:

Well, he was quite small. But he wasn't really worn out. He's always been ready to go until it's time to go home. Then he just might collapse and sleep the rest of the day.

The winter light is gorgeous. I guess you could say that it is towards spring already, although the temperature was about -30 C. The sun is deceptive.

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