• Anna and her boys

Robin at 00:46 19.10.2006 writes:

This picture is wonderful! This one deserves to go up on the wall next to the poster of the three boys in the "frame." It's perfect! Nice work by both photographer and subjects.

ramin at 09:03 19.10.2006 writes:

Thanks. The subjects tried their best, but the photographer wasn't exactly in top form. Or the light around us wasn't exactly cooperating which resulted in more required post-processing for this picture. For it to end up on a wall even more processing would be needed.

But then, I know that we're a bit too finicky when it comes to the pictures we'd be willing to put up on the wall. Maybe I'll just have to take the time and really process this picture and see what I get.

Or then we'll just revisit the spot and retake the picture with more light (either a cooperating sun or flashes).

Please, don't get it wrong, we do like getting feedback on the pictures.

LadyKoira at 14:56 19.10.2006 writes:

Is there a POSE command at your house? Whenever my Mom gets out the camera, I look away or slink into another room ...

ramin at 21:04 19.10.2006 writes:

Well, this is the only shot from 15 in which all four subjects are looking towards the camera with their eyes open.

Anna is easy, the boys will generally stay in place with a sit and wait. A LOOK might be needed to get them to look towards the photographer, though. Jalo is a natural poser though. Flippe and Luka have their moments of intelligent and alert expressions as well.

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