• What do you get when you combine a tired photographer and the more advanced functionality offered by the camera?

v-j at 09:52 01.12.2006 writes:

it would appear that you get a blue dog.
how very strange. i trust the rest of the move has gone well?

Rae at 09:57 01.12.2006 writes:

What a very solemn face! Is he in the packing crates again? Have you finished 'hiding things' now? If so, congratulations on your new home & hope you all settle in very happily, all the best

ramin at 11:59 01.12.2006 writes:

Some background on this shot: for yesterday's picture I used the camera's custom white balance functionality with the light in our old bedroom as the reference. This shot was then taken in the old living room with a flash, so the color of the light was very different. Hence the blue Jalo.

Rae: We're done (with the exception of some odds and ends) in moving things to our current place. But this isn't really a home since it's planned as a temporary residence. Once plans come to completion and we know something concrete, Jalo will tell you.

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