• The wide open fields give us lots of room to chase each other.

Robin at 07:51 13.01.2007 writes:

So, how is the alpha-order shaping up among the boys? Luka seems to be unafraid of anyone!

ramin at 10:01 13.01.2007 writes:

Flippe's the boss (after us, that is), without a doubt. Jalo's always been quite soft, so he and Luka aren't exactly clear on who's boss yet. Luka does challenge Jalo quite a bit. The main problem is that Jalo likes to play so much that he takes Luka's challenges as play time.

So far it does seem like Jalo's above Luka, but time will tell how that shapes out. Luckily Luka isn't all that dominant, so any kind of show of dominance from Jalo is accepted.

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