• Despite the really cold weather it's now fun to be outside 'cos I get to wear Kassu's coat.

Robin at 01:55 09.02.2007 writes:

And you certainly look handsome in it! Are your brothers envious (or cold)?

v-j at 09:06 09.02.2007 writes:

ah! simple, my dear watson! i am sherlock, in a clever disguise, as it were!

ramin at 10:56 09.02.2007 writes:

Flippe may be a bit envious (it is Kassu's coat after all), but neither one of them is really cold.

We do love Jalo, but Sherlock he ain't.

Assi at 21:07 09.02.2007 writes:

Pojat! Olen palannut mammalomalta kotiin. Jahka tässä kotiudun, tulen tapaamaan teitäkin.

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