• A flatcoat boy's dating guide, part 6. Girls like it when you whisper sweet nothings in their ear.

Stefan Fahlander at 12:24 15.04.2007 writes:

Thanks again for the very nice meeting last week. Our girls are still talking about your boys. With grate interest we have been following your new serie 'The dating guide' and seen the guest performance of our girls. Best Regards, Stefan, Marja, Lilly and Siiri

Jekku, tytöt ja hoitovahvistus Jalo at 15:23 15.04.2007 writes:

Jalo on saanut supatella tytöille ihan urakalla. Ja hyvin on lauma yhdessä viihtynyt. On käyty monta kertaa lenkillä, jahdattu kevään ekoja perhosia ja tehty muutenkin kaikkea kivaa. Jalo on saanut uusia kavereitakin. Ajakaahan varoen kotiin, kyydissä kultainen lasti... =)

heli ja kultut at 20:37 15.04.2007 writes:

odottelen kovasti huomisen kuvaa, jahka siellä olisi jotain vinkkiä uutukaisesta...

ramin at 23:44 15.04.2007 writes:

Stefan: Our boys had lots of fun too and are hoping to meet the girls again sometime. The dating guide will continue once we get some of the current news posted...

Calvin at 17:39 16.04.2007 writes:

I notice the one blond flat-coat on the far left has a pink nose. Would that be considered a "dudley" in the same way a yellow labrador retriever would be? Btw, I thought the old format was just great, but the new one is definitely as nice.

ramin at 17:48 16.04.2007 writes:

Calvin: Siiri (the blond flat-coat on the far left) has a brown nose, so she isn't a dudley. The brown nose (and lighter colored eyes) are a sign that she carries only brown and yellow, where Luka's black nose means that he carries black, yellow, and possible brown.

I had to check Wikipedia before answering this one...

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