• The first group shot with the new lineup.

ramin at 13:55 18.04.2007 writes:

Sorry for the late update, our network connection was down all night and morning.

Anteeksi myöhäinen päivitys, verkkoyhteys oli koko yön ja aamupäivän nurin.

Stefan at 15:23 18.04.2007 writes:

What a beautiful lineup. Will be very interesting to follow Sulo as he grows up to be a big boy. It's just fantastic how you can get the boys to pose so nicely for you. Re. late update - We almoust got worried as you have been so punctual before.

Tuuli & co at 20:23 18.04.2007 writes:

Nonih, nyt on saatu kaikki pojat samaan kuvaan :) Sulo on yhtä korkee kun Lukan jalat :D

ramin at 00:15 19.04.2007 writes:

Well, with this one it took quite a few shots more than usual to get them all sitting. But Sulo will learn...

Tuuli: Istualtaan siis. Seisoessa Sulolla jää vielä matkaa kirahvin kinttuihin.

Alanna at 02:01 19.04.2007 writes:

Hey wait, who's the new kid? I missed something along the way!

ramin at 23:39 19.04.2007 writes:

Alanna: Just look back a couple of days. We got our golden quota filled.

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