• From our window we saw a couple of fellows shoot two seagulls, throw them in the forest, and drive away. What else should a couple of retriever-people and four retrievers do other than go find them and use them in their practising…

    We do know that the Black-headed Gull is threatened.

Janna at 14:30 30.04.2007 writes:

Hyvä Suloooooo!

Katja at 15:29 30.04.2007 writes:

Hienoa Sulo! Noutajanpoika selvästi! :D
Riemukasta Vappua!

Sari at 15:50 30.04.2007 writes:

Lämmintä riistaa pienestä pitäen! :)

Robin at 20:50 30.04.2007 writes:

There is something magic about this picture. He's just a little guy, but he knows instinctively what to do. Oh, and he's got those three older brothers setting an example.

ramin at 01:28 01.05.2007 writes:

Sulo's instincts are extremely good. You can really see that he's got hunting lines behind him.

The only problem now is that he hasn't quite figure out that a part of retrieving is returning the game to his handler and not running off with it ;)

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