• Stay afloat during Midsummer. And at other times while you're at it.

Katja at 09:36 22.06.2007 writes:

Rentouttavaa ja lämmintä Juhannusta teitin koko laumalle!

SUSAN ANNE Booth at 21:21 25.06.2021 writes:

I am a retired breeder of Labradors and Curlies i judged the Gundog breeds for years, I have written a book on the British Retriever breeds the history from wolf to retriever, during researching the very early retrievers and their development I discovered that Flat coats were used in the development of Goldens and the Black puppies often registered in those days as flat coats, I do know of a golden flat coat and a golden with a black ear. I would love to see any photos of golden Flatboats.

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