• Wake up at 4 am on Sunday morning. Drive a round-trip of 500 km (310 miles). End result: Luka qualified in the field!

    General appearance: An enthusiastic dog, that performs the water- and ground retrieves effortlessly. Performs well on the ground trail and shows the typical characteristics of a retriever in all tasks.

    For our non-Finnish readers, the Finnish test to qualify for the field consists of three stages: first two marked retrieves from the water, the first one is thrown from the shore (about 5 metres) and the second from a boat after a shot (about 20 metres); then one marked retrieve on the ground after a shot (with the gun moving out of the area before the retrieve can begin), followed by three to six blind retrieves (typically four) from up to 50 metres of distance; finally the dog has to follow a ground trail of a rabbit that makes a J-shape of 80 metres.

tommy at 01:40 08.10.2007 writes:

Way to go!!

Eddie & Alfie at 09:00 08.10.2007 writes:

Onnea Lukalle taipuisuudesta!

Anne at 15:08 08.10.2007 writes:

Onnea! Onnea! :)

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