• Luka, 2 years

Siiri ja Lilly Fahlander at 08:44 02.04.2008 writes:

Best Congratulations to you, our dear friend.
Hope to meet you again this summer.
Siiri ja Lilly

Eddie & Alfie at 10:14 02.04.2008 writes:

Paljon onnea Luka!

ramin at 10:17 02.04.2008 writes:

Pieni tarkennus, Luka on siis nyt 2v 2kk vanha, syntymäpäivähän miehellä on 26.1. Mutta kelpaavat ne myöhäisetkin (tai ennenaikaiset) onnittelut ;)

Just a small detail, Luka is now 2 years 2 months old, his birthday is Jan 26. But belated (or premature) congratulations are always welcome ;)

Imma & flat pack at 14:38 02.04.2008 writes:

Luka looks younger than Sulo! Both are beauties and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures both of the friendly and the headstrong one!

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