• The little mountain goat is testing how well the new wood piles hold.

Imma and 5 retrievers at 14:27 04.05.2008 writes:

Wow! Is this all yours? Impressive? Well done, Mr logger!

ramin at 21:30 04.05.2008 writes:

That's about a fifteenth of the wood we currently have piled. And we still have a pile over at Anna's uncle's farm and a pile of tree trunks in the yard.

The pile is all Mrs. Pilers work ;)

ramin at 21:32 04.05.2008 writes:

P.S. Our house is primarily heated with wood...

Imma + 5 retrievers at 10:37 05.05.2008 writes:

So is our's. My husband spends almost all of his sparetime with logging jobs - but then he's Swedish;-)

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