• In November Flippe's hip dysplasia was confermed. After the X-rays his condition has clearly worsened and Pepper hasn't been himself.

    On our walks while others run around, Flippe generally mooches slowly behind.

  • Every now and then he'll stop and take a breather while the rest of us keep walking. Don't worry, he does catch up. But at Christmas every flatcoat owner's nightmare occurred: he didn't want to go for a walk.

    On subsequent walks Flippe has clearly started to avoid more difficult terrain. Here you can see Flippe opting to stay on access' road to home while the rest took a shortcut over snowy fields (and the snow wasn't even deep).

mari at 23:21 13.01.2009 writes:

Harmin paikka:( Toivottavasti vointi kuitenkin kohenee ja olo virkistyy:)

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