• A week and a half ago the whole crew went down to the small animal clinic of the University of Helsinki. Flippe began his career in medicine by participating in a research project looking at alternative methods of dealing with pain in dogs with hip pains.

  • During the initial exam of three hours, he got run around outside, jump up on tables, run up and down stairs and run Ramin to a sweat along the course in the background. This course measured the strength Flippe applied to each paw in walk and trot.

Tuuli at 19:13 16.01.2009 writes:

Kovasti tsemppiä Pippurille!

Anna at 23:58 16.01.2009 writes:

Pippurin kiittää. Ja toivotaan, että tästä osallistumisesta olisi jatkossa hyötyä muille koirille.

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