• It was a pure accident. We were just playing like this - just like any other day...

  • ...Then we rose up against each other and on the way down our teeth bumped into each other...

    P.S. Sorry about the poor picture.

  • ...Then we heard a loud "klonk" and the play ended.

    Sulo still has all of his teeth. This is the last picture in which Luka still has all of his teeth.

John at 00:15 09.02.2009 writes:

What an amazing archive - and what gorgeous dogs! (Mind you flatcoats are just beautiful anyway aren't they!)

ramin at 23:32 11.02.2009 writes:

@John: Thanks. One of the benefits of having a daily photoblog is an extensive archive of shots of your own dogs. I know we enjoy looking back at previously in LoJ's history (at the bottom of the page).

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