• During the last couple of weeks we've again seen the old fast and enthusiastic Flippe on our walks. We are now fervently hoping that the medication that is being tested works.

mari at 16:06 26.03.2009 writes:

Hieno juttu! Toivottavasti lääkkeestä on apua:)

Janna at 18:15 26.03.2009 writes:

Pippurihan juoksee jo kuin ennen. =) Herra on paaaljon pirteämpi jo nykyisin.

Anna at 00:05 27.03.2009 writes:

On niin mukava nähdä taas se tuttu pilke Pippurin silmissä, sitä ei ollutkaan vähään aikaan näkynyt.

La cot at 01:03 28.03.2009 writes:

Go, Flippe, go! Glad you are feeling better, and hope your recovery continues!!

Anna at 23:16 28.03.2009 writes:

@La Cot: Thanks. So far so good. It's nice to see you commenting here again.

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