• Jalo did well in the Tohmajärvi show. He got an excellent, was first in working class and placed as third dog with a reserve CC. His written evaluation is (translated from original Finnish):

    "Excellent type, size and bone structure. Beautiful lines in head. Good strength in head and kind expression. Balanced limbs. Good, typical angulation. Balanced steps and good, springy movements. Correct way of using his tail. Very pleasing un-exaggerated whole."

Eddie & Alfie at 08:00 03.05.2009 writes:

Go Jalo!

Tuffy at 15:40 03.05.2009 writes:


We be the Dog WOods Pack. We're just dropping by and like your blog. Congratulations on your placing! We think you're an excellent looking dog!

Licks and Wags

Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

Tuuli at 20:55 03.05.2009 writes:

Oeena kovasti Jalolle! Kyllä se oikeakin joskus tippuu.
Sulon siskonlikka muutti viikonloppuna tänne suunnalle...kuvia tulee kun tää räkijä jaksaa...

Anna at 23:54 03.05.2009 writes:

Jalo kiittää onnitteluista! Meillä on edelleen onnesta päät sekaisin :)

@Tuffy: Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! Please come back again!

Jussi-iskä at 09:51 04.05.2009 writes:

Paljon onnee Jalo PU3-sijoituksesta ja varasertistä, iskä on ylpee siusta!

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