• Luka: Saturday evening we got a phone call telling us that I'd have a place in a hunt test on Sunday. After three hours in the car and waiting for five hours in the heat I got my turn. I was a bit exhausted by the heat, but Ramin says I worked really well and got a prize.

    [Luka did his best work ever on a guided fetch, his slight errors in other tasks can at least partly be attributed to the heat. We don't know the exact result, but most likely it is another third prize in novice class. -Ramin]

Alex V. at 22:45 01.07.2009 writes:

Congrats Luka to you and your dad. That is fantastic!

ramin at 00:35 02.07.2009 writes:

@Alex: Thanks. I'm still extremely proud of how well Luka worked. The heat really was a challenge for many dogs.

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