• Luka loves running.

Alfie & Eddie at 11:09 19.07.2009 writes:

Juoksuaika päällä koko ajan?

Alex V. at 18:01 19.07.2009 writes:

"Wheee, I'm flyin'!"

Great capture!

Anna at 02:01 20.07.2009 writes:

Sari: Kyllä vain, näin on :)

ramin at 02:03 20.07.2009 writes:

@Alex: Thanks. Luka likes to run with a flying gate, so it's fairly easy to get good shots of him running.

Rachel & JIM! at 16:40 20.07.2010 writes:

Good grief!
HOW did Luka manage to aero-dynamic the Famed Flatcoat Ear Business for this stunning pic?
Or is that an official Finnish-flattie secret?

Yours flappingly.

& R xx

ramin at 23:02 20.07.2010 writes:

Rachel: Luka's ears are *very rarely* aerodynamic. I think it was purely an accident.

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