• Sulo: You know what's even more fun than rolling around on the grass? Rolling around in a blueberry patch.

    [Sorry, now pictures available of the event, the rest were picking blueberries - some for the freezer, some directly into the mouth. -Ed]

Janna at 18:04 04.08.2009 writes:

Assi taitaa tietää...taas tänään sai sienet kyytiä, yök! Ja kakara perässä. Onneksi Cinna hienohelma ei moiseen alennu, huh.

Anna at 00:22 05.08.2009 writes:

Miulla onkin nyt mietinnässä, kuinka Sulon saisi mustikkatahrattomaksi ennen viikonlopun näyttelyä...

Alex V. at 09:02 05.08.2009 writes:

Did the blueberries stain his coat?

ramin at 09:07 05.08.2009 writes:

@Alex: Yes they did, but luckily a nice long swim with me at Anna's parents cabin afterwards got rid of most of the stains. The retriever solution to getting clean: go for a swim (and hope it isn't a swamp ;).

Tuuli at 22:50 05.08.2009 writes:

Kyllä ne mustikkataahrat tavallisella shampoolla lähtee Anna, on sen verran monta kertaa kokeiltu :)

Anna at 23:25 05.08.2009 writes:

Tuuli: Kiva tietää :) Kohta pitääkin ruveta noita kutreja laittamaan näteiksi.

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