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satu at 02:49 16.08.2009 writes:

kiitos ihanista kuvista - mutta tehän tiedätte sen jo :)

Eddie & Alfie at 08:39 16.08.2009 writes:


Robin at 16:30 16.08.2009 writes:

Really enjoying the pictures of the boys in the water. Is it hard to get them to come ashore when the weather is hot?

ramin at 16:37 16.08.2009 writes:

@Robin: Not really, they live to retrieve so they return the dummy so they can retrieve again. But if I'm swimming Sulo will every now and then return it to me and not to Anna on the shore ;)

Minna, Martti ja VV at 17:16 16.08.2009 writes:

Ootteko tulossa Pieksamäelle loppukuusta? Nää tartteis vähän yhtä Annaa esittämään kahta mustaa... ja toki mahdollisuus esittää vielä yhtä punaistakin =D

Imma + 5 rekawuffls at 21:46 16.08.2009 writes:

Gorgeous waterboys!!!

Anna at 01:06 17.08.2009 writes:

Kiitos kaikille kommentoijille avustanne!

Thank you all who have left a comment! And yay! Imma is back!

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 15:23 17.08.2009 writes:

Love the pictures.

Anna at 23:44 17.08.2009 writes:

Thank you Michelle! Normally the boys sleep with the butts against each other. This time they were a bit more photogenic.

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