• When we swim here, we quite often have an audience. Even though the audience is there swimming and sunbathing, the boys concentrate on their own tasks. Well, Luka did go and show his dummy to one of the girls from a metre away...

  • We wonder what kind of a story the girls told at home: one nutcase up to his armpits in the water with a camera while another one throws dummies for three retrievers.

tommy tompkins at 02:56 17.08.2009 writes:

it sounds perfectly normal to me

Kirsi at 17:08 17.08.2009 writes:

Äkkiseltään näyttää että Luka kävelee vetten päällä jälkimmäisessä kuvassa!

Anna at 23:38 17.08.2009 writes:

@Tommy: Yes, doing all kinds of crazy things with the dogs IS perfectly normal!

Kirsi: Lukahan _osaa_ kävellä vetten päällä, katso vaikka tämä kuva: http://lifeofjalo.com/2006/12/12/

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