• Yesterday was a new day and test... Once again Sulo didn't get a prize, but Luka did his best performance to date and got a second prize. He lost his chance for a first prize by being certain that he knows where the game is better than Ramin and by taking a quick little mudbath during the independent search. But hey, he's a flatcoat (and wants to be a black one)...

    Yesterday's results don't end here so come back tomorrow for more.

Alex V. at 04:19 07.09.2009 writes:

Congrats on getting 2nd Luka and Ramin!

Minna, Martti ja VV at 11:01 07.09.2009 writes:

Hyvä Luka ja Ramin! Hienoa työtä!

Sulolle vähän ikää lisää, niin se on kone =D

heli täti at 11:54 07.09.2009 writes:

ALO2 WOW!!! Onnea!!!

:=)Siitä syystä voidaan jakaa tätin synttärikakku kahtia...

Blackcode's väki at 13:38 07.09.2009 writes:

Hienoa työtä Lukkis! Ja mie vielä komensin sinuu eilen hyppimisestä, hyi mie. Eipäs kommentoida sitten vielä eilistä muuten, odotellaan kiltisti huomiseen... ;)

ramin at 23:41 07.09.2009 writes:

Thank you, thank you.

Kiitoksia paljon.

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