• Flippe's brother Aatu (Chiccoxen Forever Young) became a Finnish field trial champion during the weekend in addition he already was a Finnish champion.

    Here the brother of a FT Ch shows his version of how to carry game :)

  • Flippe: The less game is in my mouth the better.

ramin at 00:54 14.09.2009 writes:

Hups. Flättimestaruuden tohinassa ja jälkimainingeissa sitähän on ihan kokonaan päässyt unohtumaan, että LoJ täytti jo eilen viisi vuotta.

Oops. With the Flatcoated retriever championships during the weekend and whatnot, we completely forgot the five year anniversary of LoJ yesterday.

Miehet mustissa at 08:51 14.09.2009 writes:

Onneksi olkoon LoJ 5-vuotiselle blogille!

Imma + 5 Rekawuffls at 13:07 14.09.2009 writes:

Flippe, you do it almust wonderfully!

Hurrah for the 5th anniversary - unbelievable. Having laughed and sometimes shed a tear for such a long time each and every day - congratulations!

Anna at 23:26 14.09.2009 writes:

Kiitos onnitteluista! Matka on ollut pitkä, mutta se jatkukoon edelleen.

Thank you for congratulations! The journey has been long and it shall continue.

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