• Flippe has been on daily pain medication for a couple of months now. Despite the pain medication, he has his good and bad episodes.

    During the good episodes Flippe is enthusiastic about walks and will even run around with gusto for brief moments at a time. However, the walks are a spot of brightness. Otherwise Flippe is in pain and doesn't participate in our everyday life in the way he used to. At home only his food bowl will get some reaction from him, otherwise he spends his day sleeping at his spot.

  • Flippe has hip dysplasia (first symptoms began to show three years ago) and spondylosis in several vertebrae in his lumbar region. Because of these, his movements and muscles are constantly stiff.

    Even though Flippe's knees are fine, he has developed his new movements in his hind quarters: he swings his legs forward with his knees held stiff.

Ulla at 08:58 20.10.2009 writes:

Voihan hitsin pimpula :( Ei ole kiva katsoa kun kaveri on kipeä. Oletko kuullut mitään siitä tutkimuksesta jossa olitte mukana? Meille Porvooseen on tainnut rantautua sikaflunssa, kun lätty sohvalla aivastelee ;-)

Janna at 10:27 20.10.2009 writes:

Oli kiva, kun Flippe kävi meillä vastottain tyttöjäkin moikkaa. Pyydä Pippuri tänään kunnon herkut ja ruoka annokset.

Michelle, Baxter & Finley at 12:08 20.10.2009 writes:

Oh no Filippe, this is not good. Have you found out what is causing the pain? Is there anything else which can be done?

Anna at 12:36 20.10.2009 writes:

@Michelle: Click today's other picture to enlarge it and see more information. The pain is caused by hip dysplasia and sponylosis at his lower back.

Imma + 5 Rekawuffls at 16:53 20.10.2009 writes:

Poor boy. We understand what you're suffering. Your Austrian cousin Lenny has been limping for months now - no progress in sight despite heavy medication. - We wish you that the good periods take over and that you can keep up your spirits.

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