• Luka and Sulo's snow report: That's all we've got... We need more. Could our friends in the US and Canada send us some?

Tash at 03:07 12.12.2009 writes:

We're from Canada! (Saskatchewan) We don't have much snow right now, but it's sure cold... -45. BRRRR.

tommy at 13:45 12.12.2009 writes:

Sorry, no snow in Florida....ever

ramin at 21:17 12.12.2009 writes:

@Tash: In Fahrenheit or Celsius? Our temperatures are going to plunge down to -20 C after the weekend, but with no snow on the ground the pipes may start freezing...

@tommy: Maybe you could send us some of that Florida sunshine - without the heat - so that we'd get better photography weather.

Tash at 21:39 12.12.2009 writes:

Unfortunately, that's Celsius! I have a little terrier that is not too happy about going outside right now.

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