• Our little man, Luka, turns four years today!

Piia at 06:24 26.01.2010 writes:

Onnittelut blondille!

Sari, Eddie, Alfie & Minnie at 09:19 26.01.2010 writes:

Paljon onnea Lukalle!

Janna & tytsyt at 10:00 26.01.2010 writes:

Iloista synttäripäivää Lukalle toivottelee Honkalammen poppoo! =)

Imma and Rekawuffls at 13:13 26.01.2010 writes:

I can't believe it! Already 4 years ... Dear Luka, all the best to you. Enjoy your great day today and I'm sure you'll get lots of hugs and some special goodies.

Tuuli at 22:45 26.01.2010 writes:


Luka at 23:31 26.01.2010 writes:

Kiitos! Saatiin isot luut lenkin päätteeksi...

Thanks! We got big bones after our walk...

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