• We have a puppy so be prepared for a lot of puppy pictures! They don't stay that little for a long time...

    Topi (Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky) has his own web page.

Minna, Martit ja VV at 10:25 13.02.2010 writes:

Ihanaa ihanaa <3

Saahan joskus tulla nuuskuttelemaan Topia, joohan? Suloinen pikkuotus.

v-j at 20:34 13.02.2010 writes:

awesome! topi is truly a houdini class magician and ninja-dog extraordinaire! cool picture too. :D

R's Mom at 21:05 13.02.2010 writes:

Our newest and youbgest granddog is really cute! Congratulations!

R'm Mom again! at 21:07 13.02.2010 writes:

-sorry, didn't mean "youbgest", meant "youngest"!

Anna at 00:30 14.02.2010 writes:

Minna: Juu tottakai, tervetuloa! Eikun auton nokka tähän suuntaan!

ramin at 00:31 14.02.2010 writes:

@v-j: He's still a Houdini - and very curious about his surroundings. He likes my guitar...

@Mom: Thanks. He's a real charmer, that's for sure.

Cecilia Aletorn & Melvin at 15:43 14.02.2010 writes:


Want to wish you good luck with little Topi!
He looks them a real little charmer!
You're welcome to mail me and tell me how it goes!

Many greetings from Cecilia "Grandma" and Daddy-Melvin :-)

Give Topi a kiss from us in Stockholm

Anna at 22:48 14.02.2010 writes:

@Cecilia & Melvin: Hello! And welcome to our blog! Topi is a real gentleman and he has already stolen our hearts! A kiss is forwarded to Topi :)

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