• Love is... Helping carry the tail when the other is just too tired.

tommy at 04:01 12.05.2010 writes:

It might be a new way of showing friendship!

Imma and Rekawuffls at 12:49 12.05.2010 writes:

How sweet is this! Excellent posure;-)

Pia at 14:03 12.05.2010 writes:

Voi miten ihanat kaverukset :)

ramin at 00:24 13.05.2010 writes:

Tämä on taas niitä "testataan onko kuvaaja hereillä" -tilanteita. Mutta herttaisia ne ovat.

This was one of those "let's see if the cameraman is awake" situations. But they are sweet.

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