• Do they really expect us to start using these?

  • What are these?

  • Topi: I wonder if there's food in there. I'm certain I'd fit...

heli täti at 22:42 24.05.2010 writes:

pistäkääs pommit pönttöön... :D

anna at 23:12 24.05.2010 writes:

Heli: Hmm... Varsin hyvä idea :)

Rachel & JIM! at 09:14 25.05.2010 writes:

Sterling work, you absolute Troupers!

Yours, still bellylaughing -


anna at 15:13 26.05.2010 writes:

@Rachel: Thank you :) Our goal with these pictures was to make someone spill their morning coffee... Nice to hear that you got good laughs!

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