• Luka and Ramin in our little Eden.

anna at 00:12 04.07.2010 writes:

Ihmismäärä on lisääntynyt, nyt täällä on 70 000 ihmistä.

More people have trickled into the area and now there are 70 000 people.

tommy at 03:46 04.07.2010 writes:

Is it , like...Woodstock?

Sari at 09:44 04.07.2010 writes:

Luka näkyy kyllä, mutta onko Ramin jo hurahtanut ja "näkyvissä" tuolla alueella?

anna at 09:55 04.07.2010 writes:

Sari: Ramin on edelleen "oikealla puolella aitaa", eli ihan vasemmassa alanurkassa selkää näkyy.

rachel & JIM! at 14:16 04.07.2010 writes:


Keep eating those little Eden apples as you wave them goodbye, Anna. ;)
R xxx

* ["Gordon Bennett": mid-20th century colloquial English: a cry of disbelieving horror expressed in rueful mirth: origin - name of a famed footballer: usage - probably obscure to people who are not middle-aged Brits]

ramin at 00:28 05.07.2010 writes:

@tommy: We wish. We've been surrounded by a religious summer event. So we've been hearing sermons and hymns for several days. Tomorrow's the last though!

@rachel: Tomorrow we get to wave them goodbye. Finally!

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