• In honor of Flippe and Kassu's birthday we've dug through our archives. In the picture Flippe is a few months shy of two and Kassu is approaching 11.

Robin at 00:49 23.08.2010 writes:

So good to see Pepper and the Old Man again. I will drink a toast to their memories tonight. They are both remembered and missed.

Imma and Rekawuffls at 12:14 23.08.2010 writes:

Kassu's beautiful, solemn face and Flippe, the energetic mastermind - what wonderful boys both were!

ramin at 00:11 24.08.2010 writes:

@Robin: The toast is well appreciated.

@Imma: Flippe definitely was a mastermind. And it seems like he has an heir growing up now...

Both of the boys our still in our minds and hearts.

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